Al Martine

A former non-profit fundraiser and strategy & change management consultant (the friendly and useful type, not the evil type) and now he's the head of TechWhirl Janitorial Services. If it's going well or poorly with TechWhirl's websites he's probably the one to thank or blame.

Al has his undergraduate in marketing from West Virginia University and MBA from London Business School. When he's not working on the sites, he can be found cheering on the Mountaineers, taking a nice long run or looking for life's ultimate question.

He can be reached by writing nearly any email address to TechWhirl or on his personal blog, World Sojourner : 3760 or on his Twitter account @AlMartine


LavaCon 2014: Troy Parke & Patrick Neeman on UX for Content Pros

Everyone has a different take on it, but the six “boxes” in user experience are Interaction Design, Visual Design, Content Strategy, Information Architecture, User Research and Analytics, and Front End Development. Each requires vastly different skills, so most UX professionals can do at most three well. If you get someone that has four or five, we call that a Unicorn. Continue reading ...

Is this your year for tcworld Conference and tekom trade fair_feature

tcworld Conference and tekom Trade Fair — Is this your year to go?

Is this your year to jump on a plane and join the fun in Wiesbaden this year’s tcworld Conference and tekom Trade Fair? It's easier than you think to be part of the 4,000 attendee extravaganza in Wiesbaden, Germany. You'll want to make certain the costs are manageable, the right travel papers, a place to say and enough room in the suite case for that stout you owe TechWhirl for convincing you, but why not head off the Europe for this fantastic event? Continue reading ...


A New One: GrapeCity and ComponentOne—The Future of Doc-to-Help

On Monday, June 11, 2012 GrapeCity announced the acquisition of Pittsburgh based ComponentOne Software. While close strategic partners since the 1990s, this announcement nonetheless took many in the industry by surprise. Dan Beall, Product Manager for ComponentOne’s Doc-To-Help software, added some detail to the acquisition, how it has affected his team, and what fans of this software should expect in the future. Continue reading ...


Interesting Times: Challenges and Opportunities for Technical Communication

During a talk with Alan Houser, the incoming President for the Society for Technical Communication (STC), we touched on his background, company, work in the STC, and his plans for the upcoming year. Alan talked about the Chinese proverb or the Chinese curse, which says “may you live in interesting times,” and how the current economic turmoil is impacting friends, colleagues and relatives. His vision for the STC in the coming year includes "working to assist our members while we leverage what I think is the most exciting time in the history of this profession." Continue reading ...


The Global Content Value Chain: Technical Communication Perspective

Dmitri Ragano understands global. He is currently a senior manager, Internet Applications at Herbalife, a global nutrition company. And, he as good reason since his experience ranges from working in mobile communications in Japan to supporting Fortune 50 companies at Razorfish in the late 90s. He’s a world traveler, a content strategist and the published author of Employee of the Year, which can be purchased on Amazon. Dimitri sat down with Al Martine of TechWhirl a while ago to discuss, shifts and trends in the world of content strategy, effective content teams and his views on making a global content value chain successful. Continue reading ...