Greg Larson

Greg Larson splits his professional hours between writing for and being a technical analyst, where he has created many help and instruction guides and recently moved into the world of video demonstrations. He is passionate about bringing complex subject matter to a level where the layperson can better understand it. Before becoming an IT analyst, Greg worked as an X-ray equipment technician for nine years. Greg has a degree in electronics technology and a Ph.D. from The School of Hard Knocks.

He enjoys reading, writing, hiking, and pondering new topics to write about. His writing interests include technical communications, Christian literature, fiction, and personal journaling. Greg lives in Marion, Iowa with his wife, Kim and three children.

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The Storyboard: An Outline for Visual Technical Communications

As technical communicators, we’re often assigned to projects that appeal to more than one sense—words, visuals and sounds—to convey a message. A multi-media technical communications project requires not only creative skills, but organizational skills as well. We can settle on a concept, a delivery method, and come up with ideas for visuals and copy points. But, we need feedback before we invest the time producing our project, or we may find we’ve gone down the proverbial rabbit hole and missed the intended goal of the project. The storyboard provides organization and makes it easy to get feedback before production begins. Continue reading ...

TechWhirl ChristmasSphere-All I want

What I Really Want for Christmas

Greg Larson has a list that he maintains throughout the year, and it always includes one outrageous, extremely unlikely, but really cool request… can you figure out which item it is? The last of the autumn leaves, dried and shriveled, rattle in a cold north breeze and Christmas whispers back from the near-future. Inside, warm […] Continue reading ...


The Foundation of Successful Collaboration

Collaboration is a term that might cause panic in the lives of people who are used to working alone. These days, projects come in all sizes, and collaboration during a project is a critical discipline and skill. Perhaps you’ve never had the opportunity to collaborate or it’s been a long time since you last collaborated with someone on a project. Or, maybe you’ve had a bad experience with collaboration and you’ve just been asked to collaborate again. Regardless of your reason, you can benefit from some general guidelines that can help make your next collaboration experience a success. Continue reading ...

Let’s Chat About Instant Messaging

Sometimes the reasons for and against instant messaging in the workplace are less than clear and seemingly arbitrary. Strong and sensible policies regarding electronic collaboration can alleviate the concerns and set the right tone. Take the case of Greg and Laura. Greg’s a project manager wanting to make sure his far flung team can hit […] Continue reading ...