Laura McNeilly

Laura McNeilly has a MA in Writing from DePaul University in Chicago, Il. She currently resides in Los Angeles, CA and may be reached at:


Technical Writing Tips & Tricks: Taming MS Office

Over the years, many list members have posted their frustrations and their workarounds to the problems MS Office present to technical writers. At Techwhirl, we want to share some tips and tricks when it comes to MS Office application to hopefully make your life a little easier. Most of these you probably learned in your early days in technical writing…but in case you’ve forgotten or just missed them, here’s a summary of ten basic tips to make MS Office work for you. Continue reading ...


What to Consider When Building Help for Mobile Devices for Field Workers

There’s no denying that smart devices are taking over. Everywhere we turn, people are talking about the newest app they’ve downloaded (Angry Birds anyone?). But aside from avian masochism and borderline obsessive updates on Facebook, smart phones and other mobile devices (tablets, PDAs, etc.) have proven their usefulness in the professional world, and in particular, for workers in the field. But what does the age of mobility mean for technical communications professionals focused on user assistance? How do you plan and implement help on smart devices that field personnel can and will use? Continue reading ...

Let’s Chat About Instant Messaging

Sometimes the reasons for and against instant messaging in the workplace are less than clear and seemingly arbitrary. Strong and sensible policies regarding electronic collaboration can alleviate the concerns and set the right tone. Take the case of Greg and Laura. Greg’s a project manager wanting to make sure his far flung team can hit […] Continue reading ...