360factors Launches PREDICT360 for Policy and Procedure Automation

360Factors_logoAustin based startup, 360factors, launches PREDICT360, a policy and procedure software to address a company’s automated policy lifecycle management, maintain a consistent style of writing, document control and audit readiness, make internal and external communication accessibility more efficient, help create training modules from policies and procedures and assist in mapping a company’s ultimate goals and objectives.

Efficiency is a primary goal for any business, however, in the utilities, oil and gas industries it is crucial. Utilizing software such as PREDICT360 will help companies better manage major challenges, actualizing their policies and procedures by giving consistency through a style guide implementation, giving employees access to the same version of policies and ensure that distribution and communication meet signature requirements, ensuring employees read and understand the content. The software also streamlines management approvals, creates accountability and assesses risk through audit trails.

By automating these processes, a company has the ability to better control documentation and simplify workflow and management of change. Implementing policy and procedure software like PREDICT360 also helps create a policy template and standardized frameworks that personnel can use to ensure consistency in style and language. This software also increases efficiency in internal and external communication and response time; even midstream procedural changes can be efficiently communicated to corresponding personnel via the PREDICT360 cloud-based policy and procedure system.

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