ACD Systems Releases Canvas 14 for Transforming Technical Illustrations

ACD Systems International, Inc. announced Canvas 14 and Canvas 14 +GIS, the easiest and most effective way to transform technical CAD and 2D data into creative illustrations that can be used throughout the enterprise. With Canvas 14, engineers and designers can draw and edit precise documents that can be quickly and easily annotated and shared. The additional Canvas +GIS allows for the use of geo-data within technical illustrations. Both products provide the capabilities of the Adobe Product Suite, at a fraction of the cost.

“Big Data presents incredible opportunity for companies, but it also creates incredible challenges,” said Frank Lin, General Manager and CTO of ACD Systems. “Enterprises must be able to take complex technical data and transform it into information that can be easily understood and immediately impactful. For example, an aircraft engineer can develop an illustration of the latest passenger aircraft which he can use for production. The same illustration can be used by the marketing department for a brochure, or infographic creation, by customer service for support, by maintenance for repair documentation and by the CEO for a Board of Directors presentation. ACD’s commitment to accuracy, speed, ease of use and the ability to protect and preserve data makes this solution ideal for companies that are committed to getting the most value out of their data.”

Canvas allows for the ability to work intuitively with both vector and raster images in the same document using the same tools. On-the-Fly illustration can be used to instantly add re-usable dynamic objects to drawings, geometry and position data can be edited and raster images can be created, edited and augmented with a host of industry standard and specialized techniques, tools and filters. Canvas’ proprietary SpriteLayers(TM) and SpriteEffects(TM) technologies can be used to apply image and transparency effects without affecting the original objects. And visually complex information can be presented with unprecedented speed in a logical and easy to understand format via Canvas’ Flowchart Palette. Any image can be imported non-destructively and exported using over 100 different industry standard file formats.

Canvas’ technical markup and advanced dimensioning tools facilitate the iterative process of reviewing documentation and providing feedback, resulting in more useful illustrations. Format dimensions can be added to illustrations including linear, chain and baseline dimensioning tools. The highest level of precision is ensured via engineered accuracy and control. Professionally formatted and editable text can be added to vector objects and raster images. And with SpriteEffects, a zoom lens can be created to emphasize a specific area in a map or diagram. Dynamic charts and tables can be created in a variety of formats. A montage feature is also available for the creation of montage effects using a digital light table.

Canvas allows anyone to use previously developed illustrations in their own documents — extending the life and value of visual assets while protecting the integrity of the original data. Projects can be easily shared, discussed and developed in a free-flowing document exchange. Canvas already includes word processing, illustration, publication, animation and presentation tools, so there’s no need to purchase a number of programs. Time-saving templates are also included. Data can be preserved in PDF files and Canvas is the only product on the market that allows editing of PDFs. Canvas’ secure encryption and password protection ensures that documents can be shared with confidence. Full control can be exercised over who can open, edit and print designs.

Canvas 14 +GIS offers a powerful set of geographic-based features and commands that support all GIS formats, define complex map projections, and perform advanced property operations. This makes Canvas +GIS an indispensable tool for professionals in the gas/energy, aerospace, automotive, education and government sectors–any market that requires the use of geo-related illustrations.

Canvas users fall into two segments–the developers of technical illustrations and those that consume these illustrations.

  • Super Users or Illustration Creators are seasoned engineers and industrial drafters. They are high demand and prolific producers of technical illustration. Examples of documents they create include aircraft schematics, oil and gas surveying maps, and product manufacturing specifications.
  • Illustration Recipients can be in any department within the organization. They use these technical illustrations to understand important issues, products or topics, and make critical decisions or communicate important items. They may also repurpose technical illustrations to create other documents for their needs or to share with their constituents.

Pricing for Canvas 14 starts at $599.99 USD and Canvas 14 +GIS at $799.99 USD. Visit the ACD Systems website or read the full press release.

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