Acquia Platform Launched to Manage Digital Experience

acquia_logo_r-150Acquia, the digital experience company, launched the Acquia Platform, the company’s flagship solution for building, delivering, and personalizing amazing digital experiences. Upending proprietary, siloed IT models of the past, the Platform brings together seven years of Acquia’s innovation around open source and helps organizations nimbly adapt to fast changes in technology and customers’ shifting expectations. Brands undergoing digital transformation can think ahead with an agile, resilient and connected Platform that reduces cost and dramatically increases key customer metrics, from conversion to satisfaction and loyalty.

The Acquia Platform brings together Acquia’s solutions for digital experience management, simplifying the company’s offerings around three key capabilities:

Digital Experience Solutions unify content, community, and commerce. With Acquia’s open web content management framework, brand and content managers can create and update digital content with minimal involvement from IT, seamlessly blend content and commerce, and rapidly roll out responsive brand experiences across markets and channels.

Digital Experience Cloud supports DevOps best practices, helping engineers create high-quality applications faster, with a platform-as-a-service that organizations can rely on 24/7. This powerful, resilient and secure cloud infrastructure is available in both self-service and managed options. The Digital Experience Cloud simplifies the management of a complex portfolio of sites for engineers and architects, helping them build, govern, and scale the continuous delivery of many experiences across an organization.

Digital Engagement Services helps brands optimize the delivery of digital experiences with the most relevant, personalized content for every audience. Launched today, Acquia Lift ContextDB is a petabyte-scale, cloud data warehouse that delivers on the long-sought ideal of automating data-driven, context-aware customer experiences. Additional services include Acquia Lift Target for behavioral targeting and multivariate testing, and Acquia Lift Recommend, which uses advanced algorithms to provide relevant content recommendations and offers to keep customers engaged and coming back.

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