Acrolinx Adds New Voice Measurement to Its Metrics Dashboard

Acrolinx content optimizationSanta Clara, March 31 – Acrolinx is excited to announce a new Voice measurement: Surfer. We know that you want to measure how readable your content is. But what about how well it communicates to a particular audience? How can you support the surfers and the beach bums reading your online help content while they catch some rays at the beach? Acrolinx’s Surfer Voice measures the overall surfer tone of your content. Did you use the right terminology? Are there enough instances of “radical,” “tubular,” “gnarly,” and “awesome” to resonate with your surfer and beach bum audience? Did you like totally nail short, incomplete sentences with different types of punctuation? Did you use enough of the current surfer jargon? Do your Surfer readers understand that they can install software while they are anglin’ to hit the big surf, not just the ankle busters?

Acrolinx can help make sure that you are communicating with your growing Surfer audience and supporting the content that they care about. While members of your Surfer audience hang five (or ten, if they are really daring), let Acrolinx ensure that those surfers can complete their latest PayPal transaction for a new big gun (that’s a 9-foot board, for you non-surfers) using your content. Said S. Ine Wave, Acrolinx chief of development, “Acrolinx can ensure that you communicate effectively and measure results. Cowabunga!”

Acrolinx enhances its Voice Scores metrics dashboard with a new Surfer measurement

Acrolinx enhances its Voice Scores metrics dashboard with a new Surfer measurement

Surf on over to to learn more about our Voice offerings.

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