Acrolinx and Partners Launch ACCEPT International Research Project

 Acrolinx, in partnership with the universities of Edinburgh and Geneva, the software manufacturer Symantec, and the non-profit organization Translators without Borders have launched the international research project ACCEPT – an acronym for Automated Community Content Editing Portal after receiving funding from the European Commission in the amount of 2.8 million euros.  The ACCEPT research project, which aims to develop innovations in machine translation projects around community-generated content  begins in January 2012 and is scheduled to run 36 months.  Areas of focus include content preparation technology models, post processing content strategies, and integration of text analysis tools with technologies for the development of statistical machine translation.

“ACCEPT enables us to develop innovative and new ideas to improve machine translation, especially in the field of community-generated content, and to convert these ideas into actual technology,” explains Dr. Melanie Siegel, Head of Research and Innovation at Acrolinx.  Read the full announcement here.

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