Adobe Captivate 6 with HTML5 Support Now Available

Adobe Systems Incorporated today announced the immediate availability of Adobe® Captivate® 6, a significant upgrade to its  eLearning authoring software for rapidly creating a wide range of interactive eLearning and HTML5-based mobile Learning content.  Captivate 6 enables eLearning developers, corporate trainers, educators and other business users to help deliver dynamic, SCORM- and AICC-compliant course content that is accessible anytime, anywhere.

“Today, learners expect engaging eLearning options on their iOS and Android devices – static presentations shrunk to fit mobile screens aren’t enough,” said Naresh Gupta, senior vice president, Print and Publishing, Adobe. “Captivate 6 gives subject matter experts and content creators the ability to deliver eLearning content to mobile devices that is as robust and interactive as the content delivered to desktops.”

Adobe Captivate 6 enhancements improve mobile access and boost learner’s engagement, including:

  • HTML5 Publishing with Pause and Resume Capabilities: content developers can publish interactive, iOS and Android accessible HTML5 eLearning content,  that leverages mobile presets for improved mobile distribution. By publishing eLearning content as both SWF and HTML5, learners can begin a course on their desktop, pause and later resume on a different device.
  • HD Screencast: Developers can create HD-quality demos within the new “capture-as-a-video” workflow; edit video and add transitions, smart shapes, audio and captions; and insert another video in a picture-in-picture format and publish it to YouTube.
  • Out-of-the-Box Assets:  Designers can select from a range of preloaded actors and set them against customizable backdrops to give content a more personal touch. Other assets include additional smart learning interactions, such as widgets, animated rollovers and more.
  • Enhanced PowerPoint RoundtrippingImport PowerPoint 2010 slides along with objects, animations and multimedia into eLearning projects with better fidelity conversation workflow. Easily update pre-existing PowerPoint content, which will be automatically synced via the dynamically linked import feature.
  • Enhanced Quizzing: Utilize pre-tests to assess the knowledge, skill level or training needs of individual learners. Based on results, direct learners to the appropriate section and use post-tests to gauge what resonates. Allow learners to revisit a relevant section after answering a quiz question incorrectly and, if necessary, discourage guesswork by penalizing for wrong answers.

With Adobe Captivate 6, trainers and educators can build individualized eLearning modules, recording voiceovers and other sounds for automatically playback. Course designers can maintains a consistent look and feel for course content using customizable, professionally designed themes. Improved LMS integration allows eLearning developers to publish content to leading learning management systems (LMS), including Moodle, Blackboard, Plateau, Saba and SumTotal.

Upgrade pricing begins at $359 (USD).  View the press release, or visit the Adobe Captivate website.

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