Adobe Releases FrameMaker 10 Update to Resolve Launch Issue

Adobe SystemsWithin  hours of announcing a New Year’s launch issue with FrameMaker 10 versions, Adobe released a security patch to correct the problem. The issue, which did not affect other versions of FrameMaker, displayed a message on launch, “Licensing for this product has expired,” and prevented users from accessing the tool.

Kapil Verma, Senior Product Manager for FrameMaker, initially reported on the launch issue on the morning of January 2 on the Adobe Tech Comm Central blog, noting that the problem had been isolated and related to the new calendar year.  Prior to release of the update, Adobe provided two workarounds to ensure users of FrameMaker 10 versions could continue to work. Later in the day, Verma released information on the update:

We are issuing an update on FM10, which addresses this issue for our users.This is the complete and only solution you need to fix this issue. To download and install the update, please go to the page here. Please follow the steps mentioned below..

      • Download the zip file, unzip it and run the executable
      • please check the version of FM10/TCS that is installed on your machine to install the right update. please follow the instructions on the page

Some other important points

      • If you have already run the utility we provided earlier today, we still recommend that you go ahead and install this important update.
      • Also, this update is currently available as a manual download only, but it will also be made available later through the Adobe Automatic update mechanism.

The update comprises one of two zip files depending on the version of Technical Communication Suite is installed on the user’s computer. Subsequent comments on the blog indicate that the update worked for most users who downloaded it, but that a few users are still unable to launch specific versions. Most commenters on Twitter, using the #Framemaker hash tag, praised Adobe for its rapid response to the issue.

View the online FrameMaker Help page with the FrameMaker 10 update.

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