Adobe Technical Communication Suite Release Plans Announced

Adobe SystemsAdobe Technical Communication Suite will continue to offer both perpetual licensing and subscription options into 2014, according to release plans announced Monday by Kapil Verma, Senior Product Manager for technical communication products. The announcement comes in response to questions from the TCS user community following the company’s May 2013 announcement regarding Creative Suite, which will be offered as subscription plan only (Creative Cloud).

Verma announced release plans and confirmed the company’s commitment to a major release of the suite in 2014, as well as point releases for products within the suite. He noted that perpetual licensing will be available on the standalone products as well as the suite:  Technical Communication Suite, FrameMaker, RoboHelp, FrameMaker Publishing Server, and RoboHelp Server.  Subscription plans will also be available for the products “so that our customers can choose the licensing option that works best for them,” Verma  said.

No dates were specified for upcoming releases of “point products”  but  Verma stated that the company will continue with “significant investments” in development of the technical communication products. “It is our intention to provide world class products, with various purchase options to the Tech Comm user community and we will continue to honor this commitment with the next release of our products as well.”

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