Adobe releases XML Documentation for Adobe Experience Manager 3.0

Earlier this month, Adobe Systems released a major upgrade for their CCMS – XML Documentation for Adobe Experience Manager. Version 3.0 features full support for Adobe Experience Manager 6.4, extended support for DITA editors and a much-improved web-based DITA Editor. Check out the product overview video here

Adobe Experience Manager 6.4 Support

You can be forgiven if Adobe Experience Manager is a name not immediately familiar to you. Launched in 2014, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is Adobe’s Enterprise Content Management System (ECMS) and was recently named as a “Leader” in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Digital Experience. Designed to allow marketing and technical communication teams to manage organizations’ digital presence, AEM works seamlessly with Adobe products and allows marketers and technical communication specialists to quickly source, design and publish materials across digital and print media.

XML Documentation for Adobe Experience Manager Version 3.0, like its previous version, turns AEM into a full-blown DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture) CCMS (component content management system).

So, if Version 2.x worked with AEM too, so where’s the upgrade? The upgrade comes through enhanced AI driven search, better compatibility with AEM, more editor capability and a new DITA web editor.  

AEM 6.4 and the XML Doc component now provides AI assisted search, digital asset handling and metadata management through Adobe Sensei. Users also get robust cloud access through Adobe Cloud Manager and a robust report builder to provide managers and CXOs detailed metrics in an easy to understand format. With these upgrades, teams can help users move through the buyer journey from awareness (marketing materials) to knowledge (technical communication materials) all with just a few clicks.

Structured Authoring Editor Support

In addition to providing smoother integration with AEM, Version 3.0 now offers full Adobe FrameMaker support, a native plugin for Oxygen XML Editor and WebDAV integration with all major DITA editors. XML Documentation for Adobe Experience Manager Version 3.0 also brings improvements to its built-in web-based DITA editor, designed for both DITA authoring experts and casual contributors.

Enhanced online DITA Editor

The latest DITA editor includes features like content reuse, inline tags, element path breadcrumbs, properties panel, smart catalog, drag-and-drop content, repository view, map outline, conditional tagging, keys, multi-topic authoring and integrated search. This, combined with a nifty WYSIWYG map editor that allows for simple drag-and-drop reordering of materials, provides users multiple ways to create content that is easily reused and published in the right format on the right media.

While we didn’t get a chance to play with all of the new features, Adobe’s new version of CCMS – XML Documentation component for Adobe Experience Manager certainly warrants a look. For more information and reviews, you can check out Adobe’s website, the launch blog or contact the Tech Comm team at for more information.

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