Alfresco Workdesk Streamlines Document-centric Business Processes

alfresco-logoAlfresco, the open enterprise content platform used for storing, accessing, and sharing information, announced a new application focused on streamlining document-centric business processes, known as Alfresco Workdesk. This is the first Alfresco offering based on its acquisition of WeWebU in early 2013.

According to the company, Workdesk offers a more structured approach for departments with high-volume business processes. Alfresco Workdesk is designed to streamline document-centric activities such as deals, loans, claims, applications, invoices, and caseload management for more efficient handling. Alfresco Workdesk represents a new approach for ECM applications by focusing on business role management functionality, navigational tools such as dynamic folders and views, and ease of configuration.

Built on the Content Management Interoperability Services platform, Alfresco Workdesk integrates with existing content repositories.  The business role-based approach to streamlining  business processes is available to users through any web browser, desktop integration, or mobile device. It manages  user access to relevant content based on  business roles configured in the application.  Combining business role management with dynamic folders and views, Alfresco Workdesk presents content within context of the business process. In addition, Alfresco Workdesk can be configured to specific business processes without extensive coding, which shortens the content deployment timeframe.

“Alfresco Workdesk adds application functionality that helps customers more quickly and easily configure Alfresco to their unique business process,” said John Newton, CTO of Alfresco. “This is just the beginning of our aim to simplify the user experience and speed time-to-value for our enterprise customers.”

Founded in 2005, Alfresco is headquartered in London with U.S. offices in San Mateo and Atlanta. More than 7 million people in over 180 countries use Alfresco services to collaborate and manage over 4 billion files worldwide. Visit the Alfresco website for information on its products and services. Read the original press release .

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