Annual YouComm Conference Emphasizes the You in User

You Comm Leaf Logo-150The Symposium for Unified Communications, Knowledge, Elearning, and Reporting Specialists presents its second annual un-conference via the YouComm website, Twitter, and YouTube on March 31, 2015. Using the hashtag #ucomm2015, YouComm takes an entirely you-centered approach to content delivery. The conference is focused on promoting knowledge through its themes of How to Masterize, Evolvitize, Monetize, and Ecosystemize Content for Uber Customer Experience.

In true virtual un-conference fashion, conference participants are encouraged to select conference topics and share via social media with the conference organizers. As the day progresses, each session will be shared, and participants have the option of following any of the content streams listed above. Each stream is designed to augment the you-centric understanding of communication within companies and personal branding. Other themes are welcome and participants are encouraged to reach out if interested in speaking opportunities.


The conference will start with keynote speaker Rahel Anne Bailie, who will present on master content development for lead and business development. An award will be presented for last year’s most popular “standing room only” session as determined by participant votes and tallied by the conference organizers.

Registration is free and participants are encouraged to sign up at to guarantee that their suggestions for conference topics will make an impact on the day’s schedule. Participants are also encouraged to sign up to cover the conference on social media and check out the 2014 testimonials to see what impact last year’s conference had.


Twitter: @youcommconf #ucomm2015


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