Aquafadas Digital Publishing System 3.0 Offers Multiple Platform Options

aquafadas-logoAquafadas, a French software development company with an emphasis on digital publishing solutions, announced the release of the Aquafadas Digital Publishing System 3.0. With the release, customers can distribute online content across multiple platforms, including the web, Android Applications, Kobo, and Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

“We are thrilled to now offer the ability to export one single digital document to iOS, Kobo’s tablets, Android, Web and Kindle Fire,” said Claudia Zimmer, CEO of Aquafadas. “With millions of readers using tablets other than the iPad, it’s vital that our customers can use the Digital Publishing System to reach all platforms.

Web Export

Thanks to the Web Export option available in the upgraded Aquafadas solution, users can insert digital publications into a web reader and post directly onto a website without writing code.  This system goes beyond the basic PDF replica by offering enrichments such as video, sound and other interactivity.


The Aquafadas Digital Publishing System 3.0 also includes the AVE AppFactory for Android. With Android AVE functionality, users can create unique apps even if they have had no education or experience with application design. Users choose a template from a wide variety of options and customize the App by selecting and dragging in the desired content.


Kobo continues to increase its eBook following and has become one of the fastest-growing providers in the market. Publishers can now distribute to the Kobo ecosystem with the Digital Publishing System 3.0. The Aquafadas creators worked closely with Kobo enable eBook content export to its tablets.

Kindle Fire

Aquafadas also supports Kindle Fire 8 export via its Digital Publishing System. Publishers can their content to more readers using either text reflow or fixed layout capability. The system also supports publishing to Apple iBooks and other similar platforms.

Online Shopping

With the new release comes a new online store, where publishers can purchase publishing solutions and move on to the digital content creation. According to Aquafadas, this cohesive shopping experience allows digital publishers to maximize project budgets with pricing options such as bundled discounts.

The Aquafadas Digital Publishing System 3.0 includes a plugin for Adobe InDesign to support HTML5 and enhanced interactivity. The system also integrates with the company’s Publisher Portal, which features analytics tools to measure reading behavior.

Visit the company website at, or read the original press release.

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