Astoria 6.2 CCMS Simplifies Structured Content Authoring for SMEs

Astoria 6.2Astoria Software, provider of on-demand solutions for enterprise content management, announced the release of the 6.2 version of the Astoria Component Content Management System (CCMS). Astoria 6.2 offers features to support end-to-end content production, including an embedded XML editor option, customer engagement features, and integration with GlobalLink Suite components.

“Astoria 6.2’s improvements make it the killer app for documentation by pushing content creation right to the source of our customers’ intellectual property: the experts themselves. A recurring challenge for SMEs is to transfer their knowledge into a structured format. With Astoria 6.2, we’ve solved that problem.”

Astoria 6.2 includes s the embedded XML content editor which allows those who are not certified experts in XML-based authoring to create and edit XML content. A subject-matter expert (SME) can select a topic and choose the “edit” operation in the Astoria 6.2 interface. The embedded editor with all of the XML tags, that are normally hidden from view, and act as a word processing application, including a one-click save operation for content files.

Astoria can integrate both and end users into the content production workflow. Astoria Mobility, recently announced by Astoria Software, gives end users the opportunity to provide feedback on the content delivered to their mobile devices. Businesses can capture this feedback from customers to drive and enhance customer engagement and increases revenues.

Astoria is the CCMS platform used by, integrating with GlobalLink components for translation, review and approval, and delivery back to the Astoria CCMS. The combination of GlobalLink products and the Astoria CCMS platform allows content authors, localization experts, and language specialists to collaborate in producing content for their end users..

Astoria offers both SaaS and on-premise solutions for complete end-to-end solution, including authoring, content management, and rendering systems. Astoria Software is a division of TransPerfect, Inc., and is headquartered in San Francisco.

Visit the Astoria Software corporate website, or read the original press release.

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