Computhink Announces Product Rebranding to Contentverse®

StampaComputhink, a global provider of document and content management software, has rebranded their flagship product to Contentverse. The name change reflects the evolution the company’s product has undergone from simple document management to more comprehensive content management. The associated new tag-line, “Your content, your universe” alludes to Contentverse being able to handle a wide range of information and being able to do so for the organization’s entire eco-system – extending out to include supply-chain vendors, partners, clients, etc. as desired.

“Our new product name better reflects the expanded value our system delivers to clients,” explains John Stelmach, CEO of Computhink. “We are excited about how we are facilitating collaboration and workflow for organizations and their constituents,” adds Stelmach.

Contentverse, formerly known as ViewWise®, enables organizations to increase efficiency, improve service quality, and reduce costs associated with storing, searching, viewing, and “workflowing” organizational files. Contentverse also helps automate previously manual and physical business processes. And it’s fully mobile, for users on-the-go.

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