Data Conversion Laboratory’s ‘Convert On Demand’ Fuels New Revenue with Dormant Content

Data Conversion Laboratory (DCL), a leading provider of electronic document conversion services, introduces a new online publishing portal that jump starts previously dormant content so it can be converted into highly accurate digital knowledge that can be searched, reorganized and published in virtually any format and lead to new revenue streams.

Convert On Demand, DCL’s new Web portal is the second in a series of On Demand services backed by 30 years of excellence in providing conversion and related services.

“Silos of content that laid dormant within an organization can now be tapped and turned into a new revenue stream,” said Mark Gross, CEO of DCL. “For instance newspaper archives that are a treasure trove to researchers can be turned into searchable mediums and offered up as a new subscription model,” said Gross.

The new service streamlines the conversion process and gives organizations of all sizes the opportunity to convert low-complexity paper, Word, PDF, HTML or SGML documents into more powerful digital storehouses of content using XML, ASCII, Word, HTML and other proprietary formats.

DCL’s proven automated conversion method produces the highest quality, consistently tagged, data that comes with a 99.99 percent error-free guarantee. Its extensive US-based project management team, 24 / 7 client tracking system and multi-level quality assurance means conversions are ‘ready to go’ and need no additional ‘fixing’.

Providing the capacity for high-volume and expert service, even in multi-lingual formats, Convert On Demand offers its customers the benefits of the same powerful resources dedicated to complex projects. EPUB On Demand, the first of a series of On Demand services, is a one-book-at-a-time conversion service to EPUB and MOBI, supporting all popular eReader devices. The On Demand services are designed to meet the needs of our customers who have basic conversion projects requiring no special handling or consulting.

Visit the DCL website, or read the full press release.


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