DeltaXML introduces DITA Compare 5.0 Software at DITA Europe

DeltaXMLDeltaXML, world experts in XML comparison systems, announced today the launch at DITA Europe (Darwin Information Typing Architecture) of DITA Compare 5.0, the latest ground-breaking Map comparison solution for XML publishing workflows.

DITA Compare 5.0 has taken a significant step forward from showing changes to DITA Topics to showing changes to complete DITA Maps. Visualizing changes in a single topic is certainly very useful for viewing, checking, approving, or auditing changes. Now, the power of DITA is now taken to a new level with DeltaXML’s innovation in comparing complete publications from a set of topics, each publication being specified in a DITA Map.

“DITA Maps often become relatively complex”, pointed out DeltaXML’s CEO Robin La Fontaine, “So, DITA Compare 5.0 traverses the hierarchy of two maps, checking all the topics, and then generates a visualization of all the changes in an innovative and unique way that solves several problems.”

Editors and users armed with DITA Compare 5.0 will immediately see which topics have been added, which have simply been changed; and which ones are no longer present at all. Alternatively, they can now use a new Map, conveniently provided by DITA Compare 5.0, to generate a complete red-lined document showing changes which is useful for reviewers or even to publish.

The freedom provided by DITA Compare 5.0 for editors to work on documents without having to track where they are making changes is a vital enhancement provided by the team at DeltaXML.

“This Map comparison solution is an exciting development for the expanding DITA community across the globe”, added Nick Mongston, from Business Development, at DeltaXML.

“As publishers continue to provide more updates to their content, users are increasingly interested in what has changed. DITA Compare 5.0 delivers the ability to publish a report on the changes alongside the new version; and, consequently, add real value to a publication”.

“With DITA being increasingly used in environments where changes need to be approved and audited, comparing versions is an essential part of the process. Only DITA Compare from DeltaXML expedites that process; and all the indications point to users seeing this as offering significant added-value”.

DITA Compare is accessed via a Java/.NET programming interface or the command line. It can generate output for publication or as tracked-changes for review/approval in popular XML editors, including oXygen, Arbortext and XMetaL.

DeltaXML will be demonstrating its new release at the Ninth Annual Content Management Strategies/DITA Europe Conference in Munich, Germany on 18-19 November 2013.

“Visitors to the DeltaXML stand will be able to view and inspect the latest release with representatives available from the company to assist them in their evaluation for particular applications of V5.0”, added Nick Mongston.

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