DITA to Jive Plug-in Release from Suite Solutions

suite-solutions-logoSuite Solutions announced the release of the DITA to Jive plug-in. The new plug-in allows organizations to easily publish documentation to their Jive community portals while maintaining the rich structure of their content.

Functioning as part of the DITA Accelerator, the DITA to Jive plug-in allows you to publish your DITA structured content to a particular Jive “Space” or “Place.” Each publication is self contained and maintainable, and each DITA topic is published in HTML5 as a discrete Jive Document. The documentation in Jive still maintains its hierarchical structure, including:

  • Hierarchy (Parent/Child) links
  • Cross-references
  • Relationship links
  • Breadcrumbs to provide navigation within the publication
  • A separate Jive document containing a “table of contents”
  • Jive tags applied using DITA metadata

“While many of our clients are embracing the powerful Jive social collaboration platform, the ‘official’ voice of the company – the documentation! – gets lost from the conversation, and does not provide the value it should,” says Joe Gelb, President of Suite Solutions. “Our DITA to Jive plug-in allows you to benefit from both worlds: rich, structured content and easy community collaboration. The DITA Accelerator’s new plug-in continues our mission of providing your customers with quick access to relevant information.”