DITAToo Releases Survey Results on Converting Legacy Content to DITA

ig5 Authoring ToolsDITAToo, the DITA content management system developed by IG5 Authoring Tools, has released the results of its online survey of technical communicators on conversion of legacy content to DITA.

The report compiles the results of a 12-question online survey from 86 respondents. According to the introduction by IG5 Authoring tools, “We were interested to collect information on experience that documentation teams gained during the conversion process, challenges they faced, tools they used, and results they received.”

Among the key findings were that more than 65 percent of respondents have legacy content in Microsoft Word, while 58 percent have unstructured FrameMaker content. In addition more than 58 percent reported having to  “rewrite /restructure a significant amount of legacy content.”  DITAToo made the results available as a free downloadable PDF.

DITAToo is an affordable lightweight DITA Content Management System (DITA CMS) that provides a powerful solution for automating and facilitating many of the DITA related tasks that you have to do everyday. DITAToo features include metadata-based and full-text search, link management, capabilities to arrange topics into deliverables directly in DITAToo, publishing to a wide variety of formats, managing conditional publishing, translation management, and version control.

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