Doc-To-Help 2013 Features Industry’s First HTML5 Editor for Content Authors

Doc-To-Help 2013 Offers an Improved Editing Experience for Productivity Gains in Delivering Content

Doc-To-Help 2013Pittsburgh, PA – Doc-To-Help, the award-winning content authoring and publishing tool from ComponentOne, today announced the release of Doc-To-Help 2013. The first release of the year focuses on enhancing the users’ editing experience and features with the introduction of the industry’s first HTML5 editor and reviewer commenting.

“Doc-To-Help 2013 makes the life of a content author easy,” said Dan Beall, product manager of Doc-To-Help. “They may choose to work in Doc-To-Help’s advanced content editor or Microsoft Word and Doc-To-Help formats and publishes it where readers need it most. With 2013’s upgraded editing experience, authors can rest assured that they are working as efficiently as possible,” said Beall.

Content Editor upgrades in Doc-To-Help 2013 include a change to HTML5 source markup. The HTML5 editing feature ensures content conforms to the latest standards and Doc-To-Help’s editor automatically creates and validates HTML5 content on the fly.

HTML5_Logo_128The HTML5 markup language for structuring content is important to the increasing number of content authors  who need to publish professional quality output to many types of devices. “By launching our 2013 editor with HTML5 source markup, we have been able to add many useful code editing features,” said Beall.

The company has introduced a new source code editor to support work with the source code behind the content created in Doc-To-Help. In a blog posted titled, “Meet Our New HTML5 Editor,” Beall listed standout features of the source code editor for the 2013 release:

  • IntelliSense – Shows an auto-complete menu for tags.
  • Automatic validation – Ensures code meets standards.
  • Automatic formatting – Makes the code more human readable and easier to troubleshoot.
  • Collapsible outlining – Provides a more concise view of top-level content.
  • Line numbers – Helps locate specific sections of code.

Doc-To-Help 2013 also adds a reviewer commenting feature for those who use the content editor. This feature works similarly to the comments available for use in Google Docs or Microsoft Word and allows reviewers to leave notes for the author.

Beall’s blog post also offers insight into Doc-To-Help’s roadmap, which includes more editing enhancements and several new responsive themes that will be able to optimize output for phones, tablets, and desktops.


The company offers purchase options online at or by telephone (800.858.2739 or 412.681.4343).


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 About Doc-To-Help

Doc-To-Help, a product of ComponentOne, a division of GrapeCity, has been the premier authoring and publishing tool in the technical content authoring market since 1991. It enables technical communicators, policy writers, and other content creators to author in Doc-To-Help’s XML-based editor, Microsoft Word, or HTML, and publish to the Web, Help systems, or printed manuals with a single click. With Doc-To-Help, ComponentOne provides a unique combination of editing, single sourcing, and publishing technology that translates to significant time savings and the highest level of quality. Because Doc-To-Help is the complete documentation solution, users do not need additional tools.