EasyDITA: New Version Supports Twerking

easyDITA logo150.fwApril 1, 2014 – easyDITA announced today that the recent release of its DITA CMS software includes support for the DITA 2.0 <twerk> element. The controversial DITA spec is intended to call attention to abnormal or deviant content by making it move in a manner that some consider lascivious.

“We understand that the rhythmic gyration of technical content can be disturbing to many readers,” said easyDITA’s Patrick Bosek, “but in the end we decided that our support for open standards must extend to elements that some may consider offensive.”

easyDITA enables organizations to customize the software to fit their cultural norms and proclivities; if the <twerk> element is not desired, it can be hidden from view in the authoring interface. “If you don’t want to put it in, then take it out”, Bosek said.

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About easyDITA

Jorsek, LLC is the publisher of easyDITA, an end-to-end solution for collaboratively authoring, managing, and publishing content using the DITA XML standard. Powerful enough for the professional technical writer, yet friendly enough for the subject matter expert, easyDITA gets product documentation teams excited about creating DITA content (but not too excited).


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