Empathica Launches New Social Features for Customer Experience Managers

empathica logoEmpathica Inc., the leading global provider of Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions to the world’s most respected multi-unit enterprises, announced it has extended its market leading CEM solutions to include 3 Party Feedback and enhanced Text Analytics capabilities. The new universal feedback API allows businesses to import any unstructured text feedback – such as online reviews, social network comments, call center transcriptions, direct feedback, email and open-ended survey comments – and view it alongside structured survey feedback.

“Businesses are tasked with making sense of an intimidating amount of feedback from customers,” said Simon Palmer, chief technology officer, Empathica. “The challenge brands face in filtering inbound data from surveys, email feedback and social media is how to turn it into manageable actions for the company. These new capabilities allow brands to understand how they are executing through structured survey feedback, as well as tap into trends in what customers are saying about them through unstructured outlets, such as social media.”

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