evolphin software Launches Zoom 4.0 for Content Management / Workflow Automation

evolphin softwareevolphin software, the leader in Creative Process Management, announced the first Digital Asset Management (DAM) product to integrate digital asset versioning and workflow management into a highly automated end-to-end, content-creation platform. Building on evolphin’s award-winning Zoom platform, Zoom 4.0 automates project workflows from inception to delivery, enabling creative professionals to focus exclusively on the creative process and not on the technology. The industry-first platform behind Zoom 4.0 integrates powerful client-side deduplication, which slashes storage and bandwidth requirements by up to 50 percent and reduces IT costs accordingly.

The Zoom Digital Asset Management suite is used by major brands including News Corporation, Publicis and Astral Media, to improve workflow and reuse of existing assets for creating advertisements, commercials and trailers.

“We needed scalable digital asset management [DAM] for our fast-growing digital agency but didn’t realize we could find a solution that could do more than traditional DAM solutions. Zoom has something for everyone from the production to IT departments. It handles data duplication and asset tracking, and features search and versioning tools,” said James Drake, director IT, Swirl. “One of the biggest challenges of working with digital assets in a creative shop is the storage growth — the traditional method is to do data deduplication on the backup and recovery systems. That didn’t work for us. We solved our data deduplication problem by bringing in evolphin. They are unique in doing front-end deduplication and saved us a significant amount of hardware costs.”

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