Evolphin Software Releases Zoom 5.0 Digital Asset Management Solution

evolphin_logo-tinyEvolphin Software Inc. announced that the next generation of its enterprise-class software solution, Zoom 5.0, has launched. Built from the ground up on Evolphin’s patent-pending RevDB (NoSQL) database architecture – optimized to handle massive structured and unstructured digital content – Zoom 5.0 vastly expands the features and functionality of its digital workplace management technology platform.

“Zoom 5.0 goes well beyond the limitations of traditional DAMs and MAMs, especially with respect to handling rich content like video and broadcast media assets,” noted Brian Ahearn, CEO of Evolphin Software. “We’re giving our customers a centralized, interactive content management solution that puts an end to the chaos of managing all their digital media assets, while helping to improve their creativity, collaboration, communications, and overall workflow. From enabling companies to centrally store, tag, search, distribute, and repurpose their digital content, to helping them accelerate the creation, collaboration, and production of their work-in-progress digital media assets, Zoom is digital asset management, redefined.”

The new Zoom 5.0 release includes many new and enhanced feature improvements, including the first truly universal, device-independent gunctionality: The Visual Asset Browser functionality of Zoom has been expanded from the desktop to now support usage over the Web as well as on mobile iOS and Android devices. Sharing the same common code base and design – versus the disjointed client experiences of other market offerings – users now have the ability to create, share, search, access and review digital and media assets via the Web, and search and preview via their iPad, iPhone or other smart devices. The completely redesigned experience and interface with customized views also makes it easier to work with all rich media assets and metadata.

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