eXplorance Launches Blue 5.5 with Powerful Text Analytics

eXploranceLogoeXplorance announced the release of Blue 5.5, the latest version of the enterprise-class Learning Experience Management (LEM) system. The release offers many new capabilities and enhancements to help organizations increase stakeholder engagement and develop a culture of continuous improvement. With Blue 5.5, organizations can gain deeper insight with powerful text analytics, access information 24/7 in the online help center, benefit from increased reporting control and more.

Key to increasing engagement is collecting, analyzing and acting on stakeholder open-ended responses. Qualitative comments are critical for improvement because they offer open, honest and descriptive results that are free from restrictions. Converting this raw, open-ended data into meaningful themes and quantifiable results poses a challenge – until now. Blue 5.5 features a world-class text analysis engine that makes sense of open-ended feedback, digging deeper to discover more. With Blue Text Analytics, organizations can get the complete picture by easily processing and analyzing thousands of comments yielding hundreds of new, undiscovered data points.

Institutions can increase engagement and participation by hearing everything their students are saying. Processing and understanding thousands of student comments that include idioms, local expressions, typos and synonyms can be daunting. Based on 1.4 million real student comments, the specialized ‘Teaching and Learning Improvement Dictionary’ makes sense of it all by organizing open-ended feedback into meaningful themes. When combined with qualitative responses from course evaluations and demographic data, these themes can be used to identify areas for improvement to enhance the teaching and learning experience. 

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