Goodwinds Launches Process Street Beta for SOP and Process Documentation

ps-logo-lightProcess Street, a SaaS product targeted at the SME market, helps track recurring tasks for teams and businesses. The design of the product revolves around rich checklists, making the documentation both simple and detailed. The tool is targeted at teams who are not interested in complex process diagrams and just want simple, easy to follow Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) to help them train and track staff and work.

Documents start out as a simple checklist, but for each item on the checklist rich content can be added. Currently its text, images and files but video, code, decision trees and nested processes are all in the pipeline. You can invite team members to view and complete documents. Team members can start and complete jobs by following the checklists. The planned management module will allow mangers to track the performance of their staff as they complete processes and help identify process inefficiencies.

Goodwinds also announced the pricing model for Process Street (current Beta release is free). The freemium model will include free accounts for teams of up to three people with a maximum of 5 documents. Premium plans start at $30 a month for teams up to 10 with unlimited documents and increase with team size.

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