IGC Brava!® Released for IBM Content Navigator

IGC Brava!IGC (Informative Graphics Corporation), a leader in viewing, collaboration, and redaction technology, announced the release of Brava!® for IBM Content Navigator. IBM Content Navigator provides access to IBM’s enterprise content management (ECM) systems including IBM FileNet P8 and IBM Content Manager (CMN).

The HTML-based Brava! client provides a zero-footprint, cross-platform option for viewing and collaborating on content in any file format on both Windows and iOS platforms and in any web browser. Brava! adds advanced features such as document comparing, threaded discussions, and robust redaction tools to IBM Content Navigator. The IGC Brava! for IBM Content Navigator release follows Brava! releases for SharePoint 2013, EMC Documentum, and OpenText Content Server earlier this year.

With Brava!, users can compare two versions of the same document in different file formats, including office documents, PDFs, CAD drawings, and image files. Brava! generates a report showing the document text with additions and deletions highlighted in different colors.

Team members have access to IGC Changemark® threaded discussions, which provides commenting, tracking and context around document annotations, including audit trails of conversations. Changemark saves all annotations in a XML file so the source document can be kept at its original state.

Brava! also adds redaction tools to IBM Content Navigator that enable removal of sensitive content from documents, drawings, and images. When a user drags a box around an area in a document to select text or search for text strings, Brava! removes the targeted content, and its metadata.

“We’re strongly committed to our partnership with IBM,” said IGC President and CEO Gary Heath. “Brava! integrates seamlessly into IBM Content Navigator, offering collaboration and redaction tools that help streamline business workflows and processes for both P8 and CM8 customers.”

Brava! is installed at over 20% of Fortune 500 companies and has been the top choice of EMC Documentum customers for over ten years. Headquartered in Scottsdale, IGC recently changed its name from Informative Graphics Corporation. IGC has been developing commercial software products for viewing, collaboration, and redaction since 1990. For more information, visit the IGC website or read the original press release.

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