iGrafx 2015 Offers Advanced BPM Features

igrafx-logoiGrafx®, a leading provider of Business Process Management (BPM) solutions, announced the introduction of iGrafx 2015, strengthening a leadership position in the marketplace by providing an expanded portfolio of solutions to organizations dealing with increased and more complex business transformation initiatives.

iGrafx 2015 delivers powerful capabilities and services that increase the ability to make actionable decisions based on heightened insights. iGrafx 2015 enables easy deployment of automated processes, creation of detailed process documentation for knowledge sharing, the ability to view and navigate all enterprise information that directly relates to a role within an organization, and provides businesses that manage global SAP® implementations a broader view into how changes affect business operations.

The customizable process narrative publishing aspect of iGrafx 2015 provides the ability to quickly create detailed process documentation to share as requirements, operating procedures and required audit controls, while the role-based portal allows users to easily view and navigate all enterprise-wide information specifically relating to their position within the business.

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