Ixiasoft Makes DITA CMS 3.4 Available

IXIASOFT announced the availability of the IXIASOFT DITA CMS v3.4, which features  full support of DITA 1.2, to technical communications and other content creation teams focusing on content reuse and structured authoring.  The DITA CMS is a DITA-specific component content management solution (CCMS) designed to support the modular architecture of the DITA documentation process.

In addition to existing out-of-the-box integration with XML authoring tools and a drag-and-drop DITA map editor, the new version of DITA CMS includes several features to support review and creation of structured content, by authors outside the technical communications team:

  • Full DITA 1.2 support: the v3.4 release supports the DITA 1.2 standard, including keyref features (@keys attribute)
  • Integration with Quark XML Author for Microsoft Word: Quark XML Author is an XML authoring and editing add-in that allows  Microsoft Word users to create or edit XML content.
  • Taxonomy editor: the Taxonomy view provides  term and taxonomy management across multiple documents.
  • Redline DITA Map compare: Users can retrieve PDF or HTML renderings of two different DITA maps and compare them using multi-color highlighting of additions and deletions.
  • Electronic signature: the collaborative review function includes an electronic signature for  completed document reviews. This feature will be useful specifically in regulated environments where e-signatures are required in order for a document to complete an approval cycle.

The DITA CMS  enables concurrent authoring and localization of a map’s content and prevents re-translation of content to reduce localization costs and improve time to market. It is compatible with most popular translation memory tools,  is UNICODE compliant, and can be configured to export content  to XLIFF and other formats.

DITA CMS 3.4  incorporates an Output Generator module that  publishes technical communications and other content to any format including PDF, HTML, xHTML and Eclipse, and can also be integrated with additional publishing tools.  Read the press release or visit the Ixiasoft website.


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