Internationally Recognized Communicator Leah Guren Coming to Atlanta

Leah Guren Workshops Focus on the Golden Rules of Technical Communication and Editing Bootcamp

The Atlanta, Georgia chapter of  the Society for Technical Communication (STC) welcomes internationally renowned consultant and teacher of technical communication Leah Guren, for two workshops on Friday, November 9 and Saturday, November 10 at LaQuinta Inn & Suites Atlanta Perimeter Medical, Atlanta, Georgia.

The Society for Technical Communication Atlanta Chapter expect to offer valuable information for both new and experienced communicators, in two full-day, interactive workshops:

Day 1: The Golden Rules

The Golden Rules cover ten key elements of the technical communication theory. This full-day workshop is geared towards new writers who’ve recently entered the field or entered the field without formal training. Guren uses the “golden rules” to explain the underlying theory of technical communication, to give participants a foundation in information analysis for better decision-making.  The workshop should also appeal to established technical communicators looking to move beyond basics to developing creative solutions, and to senior level professionals seeking a refresher and an effective framework to use when managing new writers.

Day 2: Editing Boot Camp

This refresher workshop is designed for all levels of communication practitioners, either in conjunction with the Day 1 Golden Rules workshop or as a standalone workshop. The Editing Bootcamp Agenda includes:

  • Review the updated rules of punctuation and grammar for technical communication.
  • Review the correct and most effective writing style for technical communication.
  • Learn the usability theory that is behind modern editing choices.
  • Look at the most common mistakes and how to avoid them.
  • Develop visual editing skills, including a review of the fundamentals of good design.
  • Explore edit solutions based on structure and organization.
  • Learn tips and tricks to help the documentation review cycle.

Leah Guren is the owner/operator of Cow TC. She has been active in the field of technical communication since 1980 as a writer, manager, and consultant. She now devotes her time to consulting and teaching courses and seminars in technical communication, primarily in Israel and Europe. Her clients include some of the top high-tech and biotech companies internationally, including Intel, IBM, Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, RAD, Cisco, Given Imaging, and Rambam Medical Center. Leah is an internationally-recognized speaker in the field of technical communication and is an Associate Fellow in STC (Society for Technical Communication).

Registration discounts are available to STC members and students of technical communication.Visit the STC Atlanta website to register, or view the original press release.

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