LinguaSys Offers Sentiment@Work for Analytics in 15 Languages

linguasys-logoLarge enterprises to small businesses can now harvest actionable intelligence from social media and Big Data in 15 native languages, down to the clause level, for the first time. This breakthrough, called Sentiment@Work™, is the newest human language technology from LinguaSys, Inc. , a leader in natural language processing solutions.

Other solutions usually require data to be translated into English before being analyzed, destroying much of the content’s information value. The few companies that offer native language analysis can only work in a handful of tongues. No other solution delivers the linguistic breadth and data granularity of Sentiment@Work™.

“If your company has to know what global customers are saying in their own languages, even when they offer opinions about multiple subjects in the same Tweet or content unit, Sentiment@Work™ is the solution,” said Brian Garr, CEO of LinguaSys. “For example, our clients want to know what a Russian-speaking guest really said – in her own language – about both the hotel room and breakfast in the same Tweet.”

The huge growth of non-English social media and e-commerce, along with global customer bases, require more and more companies to operate in multiple languages online. Most people prefer to make online purchases in their native languages, studies show, and consumer feedback is far more valuable when provided, analyzed and responded to in the customer’s own language.

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