TechWhirl Contest FAQs

Questions we assume you’ll have and our answers …

  1. What exactly is the prize?
  2. What do I have to do for TechWhirl?
  3. Who owns the content I create?

What exactly is the prize?

We’d love to provide everything to our winners, but for this year the prize is complimentary registration to the WritersUA Conference. Travel, food, drinks and anything else is out of our budget. But, you will get to attend a great conference and do a little reporting for TechWhirl.

What do I have to do for TechWhirl Before, During and After the Event?

You’ll be expected to be a member of the TechWhirl Tech Writer Today Magazine reporting group focusing on the WritersUA Conference. We’ll have a couple organizing calls to ensure everything is planned before the event, then at the event we’ll be doing some live blogging, a few Tweets, possibly do a podcast from there, attending events and consuming various types of beverages. We want those who can’t make it to Austin to be able to experience WritersUA and you’re part of the team that will help make this happen.

We, like you, want to attend some of the conference and have a little fun so feel assured that it’ll be a healthy balance between work and play. Once the conference is over, there’s one final article which will be some type of summary of the event on an area that you’re interested.

Who owns the content I create?

Per our Terms and Conditions, INKtopia Limited owns all the content created but we’re pretty reasonable people so if you need it for something; we’ll figure out a way to help.

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