MadCap Mimic 7.0 Released with Support for HTML5

MadCap Mimic upgrade includes Microsoft-like ribbon UI, redesigned playback skin

MadCap MimicMadCap Software Inc. announced the release of Madcap Mimic 7.0, a native XML application for creating software simulations and tutorials. This new version of Madcap Mimic adds support for HTML5 output, allowing Mimic movies to be viewable on any mobile device. In addition to letting multi-channel content authors publish software simulation movies and full-motion video to HTML5 and mobile devices, Mimic 7.0 features a new ribbon UI that enables easier, intuitive access, and a redesigned playback skin that enhances viewing.

“Version 7.0 of Mimic significantly advances, not only the experience of the author, but also that of the user who ultimately views the simulation movies,” said MadCap Software Founder and CEO Anthony Olivier. “With HTML5 output, Mimic movies can run on the most advanced Web format available today, as well as the iPhone and other widely used mobile devices. At the same time, we’ve taken a design cue from the popular Microsoft Office application suite to create a modern, intuitive UI that makes it faster and easier than ever for users to take advantage of the deep bench of functionality that Mimic offers.”

MadCap Mimic 7.0. includes several Microsoft-style features designed to make the content authoring process easier and more dynamic for both beginners and experienced users. These features include:

  • A redesigned playback skin.
  • Microsoft-style ribbon UI.
  • Quick Access Toolbar allowing up to 20 customized shortcut buttons.
  • Drag and drop reordering of palette options in the palette pane.
  • An output browser drop-down menu, which lets authors see the output in any browser.
  • A drop-down menu for output types, including MadCap Movie Player, HTML5, Microsoft Silverlight, Adobe Flash, Adobe Air, PDF, and XPS. It also lets authors edit settings for a specific output type.

Madcap Mimic 7.0, which uses the <video> HTML5 element supported by multiple Web browsers, gives content authors the choice of WebM and MP4 formats and the ability to publish movies to YouTube. Consumers can watch Mimic movies on any mobile device, from Apple iPhones and iPads to the Amazon Kindle and the Android phone.

MadCap-Horz-Logo-smMadCap Mimic 7.0 is available as a standalone software tool, with pricing starting at $299, and as part of MadCap’s MadPak suite of technical communication tools, with individual licensing at $1499. Both Mimic 7.0 and MadPak are available through MadCap Software’s two enterprise-licensing models, the Multi-User license and the Floating license. With the Multi-User license, companies can buy a license key for multiple users; with the Floating license, multiple users can activate the software using a single license key, controlling the concurrent number of users. Floating licenses also include access to product upgrades and updates, and both licensing models include access to technical support.

View the MadCap Software website or read the original press release.

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