MindTouch Announces Salesforce.com Partnership

MindTouch, the company that is reinventing product help with web, social and mobile innovations, announced a partnership with Salesforce.com and the AppExchange certification of a new MindTouch CRM Connector that makes available, for the first time, enterprise grade knowledge for Salesforce CRM and Salesforce Service Cloud. Users will dramatically improve the speed and effectiveness of their customer support teams.

MindTouch, a cloud delivered social help system and knowledgebase, is used by millions to deliver exceptional product help experiences. The MindTouch CRM Connector automatically scans the Salesforce support case and in real-time recommends to support agents the best help and product content. Support agents can select or drag-and-drop and then send without ever leaving the Salesforce case window. Furthermore, MindTouch embeds robust search functionality within the Salesforce case window so that support agents can define their own search queries into the help center, knowledgebase and even the contents of file attachments. Lastly — again without ever leaving the Salesforce application — agents can now post their case solutions to the MindTouch powered knowledgebase.

Scott Collison, vice president, business development at Salesforce.com said in a video interview with Aaron Fulkerson, CEO of MindTouch, “I’m thrilled that MindTouch is a partner of Salesforce, and that they are on AppExchange. We think that user help and documentation is extremely important to our customers.” He added, “MindTouch is going to be a really important partner of ours in the future, by providing a documentation platform for all kinds of software companies and cloud services.”

Support agents using the MindTouch CRM Connector for Salesforce resolved support tickets, on average, 47% faster (proven in usability testing across 50 replicates). Also, the end users are taught to self-serve, which 65% prefer (2011 TNS research).

“Many of our customers have been asking us to deliver our enterprise grade knowledge to their Salesforce deployments,” said Aaron Fulkerson, founder and CEO of MindTouch. “It’s great that we’re now making it available with ease so that users can increase speed and improve their customer support experiences.”


Visit the MindTouch website, or view the original press release.

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