MindTouch Launches Product Experience Platform: LightSpeed Framework

MindTouchMindTouch,announced a new product experience software application that provides web-based self help, knowledge-as-a-service, user driven machine learning optimization and dynamic content organization with conditional and personalization capabilities, that works with its new MindTouch LightSpeed Content Framework.

“What we hear repeatedly is companies want to make the customer experience proactive, not reactive,” said Aaron Fulkerson, founder and CEO of MindTouch. “With contextual and personalized product knowledge plugged into all customer channels, you make advocates out of your customers well in advance of them needing reactive help to a specific problem. We believe MindTouch is the first company to offer product experience software. This is about a proactive customer success experience that stops customer problems before they occur.”

MindTouch, the company that applies web, social and mobile software innovations to product help, serves a range of Fortune 1000 enterprises and small-to-medium enterprises with software to power product help experiences as a strategic initiative to improve customer support, customer retention programs, inform product strategy and become increasingly effective with content strategy.

This new MindTouch cloud-based software includes a web based self-service help center, in-product contextual help system, seamless integration with CRM and case management software like Salesforce, SAP OnDemand and Zendesk and with it come powerful performance enhancing features.

With the launch of this MindTouch platform comes the LightSpeed Content Framework, an ultra fast and easy to use, specialized content framework.  Read more on the new MindTouch product experience application …


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