New Patented Text Analytics Analytics Approach

OdinTextAndersonAnalyticsAnderson Analytics announced the granting of Patent No. 8,473,498 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USTPO) for the new powerful Natural Language Text Analytics process utilized in their OdinText software.

The approach leverages contextual data and provides a process for filtering out the noise which is so common in unstructured data. Both of these important benefits have been deficient in text analytics software until now.

“The problem with most approaches of text analytics out there is that they are focused on trying to do what humans do best rather than on what computers do best. They’re also focused on the individual document level, thus completely missing some of the greatest benefits that come from the increases in computing power, consideration of contextual information, and statistical techniques.” explained founder Tom H. C. Anderson, adding “In our approach, it’s not just about unstructured (text) data any more. It’s often about ‘mixed data’, both structured and unstructured, and this approach takes advantage of that whenever possible”.

OdinText can read and analyze millions of customer comments and other text data in a matter of minutes. The process is extremely fast and leverages the 100% consistency of coding inherent in text analytics. The approach works with non-English language text as well. An international patent application has been filed, designating a large number of countries, including the European Patent Office.

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