NextDocs 6 Flexible Deployment Options Drive Faster Adoption and Lower Costs

NextDocsNextDocs announced the release of NextDocs 6, the latest version of its award-winning regulated content management and compliance suite. With 5 of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies and two of the largest CROs relying on NextDocs solutions, the company’s platform is on track to become the new industry standard for regulated content management. NextDocs 6 includes expanded capabilities to meet the demands of the highly global, mobile and collaborative life sciences operating environment.

“The life sciences industry has been undergoing a major IT platform shift, and that shift is accelerating,” said Zikria Syed, Chief Executive Officer of NextDocs, Inc. “Content management and compliance are too critical to the success of life sciences companies to rely on legacy systems. The leaders in the industry are rapidly turning to regulated content management solutions based on open standards to more comprehensively address compliance, harmonize business processes and promote online collaboration.”

Nearly 90 percent of digital content is unstructured according to IDC, the IT analyst firm, exposing companies to varied compliance and efficiency issues. In a separate study, nearly 37 percent of life sciences companies have reported scaling back or replacing their legacy systems, such as EMC Documentum. Nearly 65 percent of life sciences companies say they have shifted or plan to shift to Microsoft SharePoint-based content management systems.

The company also announced the availability of NextDocs QuickStart, an all-inclusive, cloud-based offering for companies looking to get started with electronic regulated content management. QuickStart includes the pre-configured software, implementation services and support required for a successful deployment. The solution and cloud infrastructure are pre-validated, which speeds deployment and lowers costs.

Read the news release for details of the NextDocs 6 release.