NJIT Offers Technical Communication Essentials Online Graduate Certificate Program

NJIT Technical Communication Essentials CertificateThe New Jersey Institute of Technology’s Division of Continuing Professional Education introduces the Online Technical Communication Essentials Graduate Certificate, geared to people who intend to expand their careers as technical writers, editors, trainers, website designers, or documentation specialists. According to NJIT, “A highly trained faculty teaches students how to connect to a global economy no matter the time and circumstances.” The yearlong certificate program includes study on areas such as the creation of proposals, publishing, web design, knowledge management, new media, agile development, and content management. Students can typically complete the 12-credit, four-class certificate in one year.

NJIT offers the following courses as part of the Technical Communication Essentials Graduate Certificate:

  • Advanced Professional and Technical Communication, an overview of the discipline, including usability, visual information, report writing and ethics.
  • Elements of Visual Design, comprising techniques of design, forms of composition, electronic and print publishing technologies.
  • Content Management and Information Architecture, focusing on the structure and presentation of information, content management tools, and creating a single-source repository.
  • Professional and Technical Editing, which teaches techniques for creating concise content, editor-author relationships, and ethics.
  • Web Based Training Design covers design concepts and the application of different tactics in designing for web-based learning platforms.
  • Proposal Writing covers the practice in proposal writing for corporations, foundations, and government agencies.

NJIT offers students the option of completing the Technical Communication Essentials Graduate Certificate  as a stand-alone credential, or as an extra learning tool while participating in the NJIT Master’s degree program in Technical Communication. Both options are available completely online. Financial assistance is available for part-time students and income tax education credits can be applied. Companies can contact the NJIT Division of Continuing Education to discuss bringing the program to the workplace and match it to specific requirements.

Visit the NJIT program overview pages at http://adultlearner.njit.edu/programs/technicalcommunications-cert.php, or read the original press release.

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