oXygen XML Editor 14.2 debuts with support for XML Schema 1.1

oXygen XML EditorSyncRO Soft SRL has released version 14.2 of <oXygen/> XML Editor, which  adds important features for both XML Development and XML Authoring.

On the XML development side, <oXygen/> completes the set of XML Schema 1.1 related features with full schema editing support and capabilities to generate XML instances and schema documentation in accordance with this new W3C standard.

On the XML Authoring side, <oXygen/> streamlines XML reviewing by adding support for highlights and a Review manager panel. Highlights help you focus on the content you need to review and the Review manager panel presents all the changes, comments and highlights from a document so you can quickly inspect and manage them.

Improvements were made for quickly finding resources in the project by searching in their content or file paths. <oXygen/> offers these advanced search capabilities by adding a dedicated view that supports complex text search expressions, such as: multiple words, boolean operators, group searches, etc. as well as XML-aware filters.

Read more on the enhancements and new features in <oXygen/> XML Editor v 14.2.

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