Oxygen XML Editor 15.0 Now Available

oXygen XML EditorSyncro Soft,  creator of Java based XML solutions, has released Oxygen XML Editor 15.0. This updated version streamlines the development of web services with major improvements to its Web Services Description Language (WSDL) editing support.

Oxygen XML Editor improves WSDL support by adding many new features. The specialized outline function gives users an overview of all of the WSDL and XML schema components, and while providing options to focus on a specific subset using the filter box. Users can easily insert references to components using the Content Completion Assistant.

DITA 1.2 specifies the concept of a root map that defines the editing context, providing the starting point to determine the keys and subject scheme values. Among the additions to the DITA functionality in the new release is the integration of “The DITA Style Guide” by Tony Self, which provides immediate access to the relevant style guide topic depending on the current editing context.

Oxygen XML Editor 15 features intelligent search and refactoring actions, hierarchy and dependencies views, context-aware editing assistance, and support for generating documentation. Other changes to Oxygen XML Editor include additions and updates such as mobile-friendly WebHelp and DITA support.

Syncro Soft explains that users can leverage the power of the XML by providing built-in transformation from DITA and DocBook to WebHelp. This gives their customers the opportunity to access the information on their mobile devices.

Other enhancements to Oxygen XML Editor include improved support for a range of standards including DocBook; fast text searching, form-based editing in author,  CMS integration and connectivity, XML visual editing XML Diff and CSS support, XML databases, document validation, content completion and outlining, Syncro SVN client integration, and extended API.

Founded in 1998, Syncro Soft is now located in Craiova, SW of Romania. Detailed product information on all Sycnro Soft XML tools and consulting services is available on the Oxygen XML website.

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