RenderX Introduces CloudFormatting Services

RenderX announced the initial release of the CloudFormatting services for creating documents on the fly through simple web-based interfaces. The solution allows any customer to leverage the power of dynamic PDF reporting for their solutions with little to no programming. The service receives XML content from any application, dynamically formats that content through the customer’s design templates including text, tables, images, and barcodes to produce PDFs that can be dynamically streamed back to the application or sent directly to the web browser.

RenderX has been piloting the concept with several customers to tune performance over the past several months. “With zero downtime, MSO is delivering on-demand statistics for the more than 2,000,000 requests over the past six months. The performance on this new software is truly remarkable”, said Del Ruiz, Executive Director of MSO. MSO is the leader in managing and delivering official USA gymnastics scores to the general public, with over 110,000 athletes and professionals covering about 3,500 competitions per year. Len Schultz, partner at WineQuest, used RenderX’s CloudFormatter service for dynamic creation of wine menus for leading restaurant and hotel chains throughout the country. “RenderX put together a great solution for us giving our 700+ restaurant and hotel locations the ability to create and print in-house perfectly formatted, perfectly spelled, and perfectly organized wine menus on the fly. Over 6,000 menus (with very complex formatting rules) have been reliably generated in real time over the past six months.”

RenderX will provide drop-in code in various languages such as C#, Java or JavaScript so that anyone can use the service for formatting documents. Users can pick from a selection of pre-built templates or design their own using RenderX’s VisualXSL template designer. Submittals to the service can be through SOAP or REST services, returning PDFs dynamically in a stream for presentment in the web browser or for storage on the local disk. Since the process runs 100% in memory on the Cloud, no information from any process is ever stored on RenderX’s Cloud.

A version of the system which stamps created pages with a small marketing message is free for anyone to use, with unstamped versions of the service priced per volume. The CloudFormatter client can be downloaded for free from the CloudFormatter page.

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