Scientel Releases World’s 1st General Content Appliance for ECM

Scientel Simplifies Enterprise Content Management and Search (ECM) For Any Size Organization With Its Comprehensive Content Management Appliance

Gensonix Logo_4Content Management is a major issue in most organizations of any reasonable size. Content can be hard to control, yet it is a requirement for every organization and individual employee. And, in the current Big Data era, content is exploding at an exponential rate. Information is getting much harder to track efficiently or is even getting lost. Most people cannot afford the time, pain, and trouble involved in setting up what typically amounts to another internal IT system to deal effectively with their increasing amount of unstructured content (the highest component of today’s data streams). In other words, everybody needs comprehensive, “all data”content management and yet no one wants YAITS (Yet Another IT System), with its own administration requirements, added to the Corporate Data Center.

Scientel’s “All-Enterprise, All-Content Management” Appliance is effectively a zero-administration, turnkey solution for all Content Management requirements. Scientel’s ECM Appliance is the ideal, most cost-effective, simple to operate tool for organizing, managing, and retrieving content at all organizational levels. Powerful, yet comprehensive and fun to use, it can start small and is highly scalable.

Scientel has integrated its advanced Enterprise Content Management & Search System (ECMS) software into an appliance-type system that operates with unbelievable efficiency, derived from Scientel’s Gensonix® NoSQL DBMS. Gensonix has specific structures for handling various types and lengths of content, a capability totally absent in SQL-based content management systems.

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