SDI Releases XML-Based E-Learning Offering

SDI_SmallSDI has developed and released an XML-driven E-Learning offering named Doctrina® which outputs Computer-Based Training (CBT), Web-Based Training (WBT) and Mobile Learning (M-Learning) for smartphones and tablets.

Doctrina reuses Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) XML content to rapidly output robust E-Learning modules sourced directly from clients’ existing technical documentation and added learning content and media components. The output E-Learning modules, which are available in both Flash and HTML5, contain expert instructional systems design best practices, professional voiceover narration, 3D animations and graphics, green screen studio video capture and interactive learning checks.

Doctrina packages capabilities that are usually available only by buying, using and maintaining multiple high-end tool sets. In addition, these disparate tools do not offer the single source content management and tightly integrated functionality and process automation found in Doctrina. As a complete end-to-end solution, Doctrina is a very cost-effective and fast turnaround offering that satisfies the E-Learning needs and objectives for the majority of SDI’s industry-diverse, high-end customer base.

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