SDL Brings Enterprise-Class Social Media Listening to Small and Midsize Businesses

SDL, a leader in Global Information Management, introduced the first full-featured, enterprise-class SM2 social media business intelligence platform configured specifically for small-midsize businesses (SMBs) and groups or departments of larger enterprises. With the new platform, SDL enables smaller organizations to take advantage of its feature set (including advanced analytics and historical data) for social media listening, and get access to training and support. SM2 is offered under a new online payment plan to get SMBs running on the platform quickly, and is the only enterprise-class social media listening platform to provide convenient online provisioning.

“We think SMBs and departments deserve more than cheap, stripped-down listening tools and ‘lite’ versions of enterprise platforms,” said Warren Sukernek, Vice President; SDL Social Intelligence Division. “They should have access to the entire social Web and the analytics to make sense of it.”

SDL provides the complete SM2 platform, including tools for sentiment analysis, themes and word cloud, share of voice and daily volume to smaller organizations. The social medial listening platform offers online brand management where users build customized reports and dashboards, filter data and sources to focus on the most important channels, create custom alerts and track industry-specific or region-specific terms.

“With SM2, we’ve been able to get a handle on what people are saying about us in social media across Twitter, Facebook and message boards,” said Heather Abdel-Salam, a marketing specialist with Great Baltimore Medical Center. “It helps us to better understand what our patients think about our staff and our services, and gives us insights about what they like and where we might need to improve.”

Two new pricing tiers have been added making it easy for businesses to decide which payment plan and solution is right for them. Businesses also have the flexibility to choose a different plan if their needs change. Both new tiers offer unlimited keyword searches using SM2’s complete social media database, which tracks 60 million new conversations each day from 250 million distinct sources and includes five years of historical data. Customers can upgrade to one of SM2’s enterprise plan to manage a larger number of saved searches while retaining all custom dashboards and filters. Monthly customers also get direct email access to SDL’s support team as well as useful how-to information, best practices for social media listening, and relevant links.

SDL enables global businesses to engage with their customers in the language, the media and at the moment they choose. SDL’s enterprise-ready innovative technology and service solutions span the entire customer journey and include social media listening and marketing analytics, campaign management, language management and services, video and written content creation, Web content management, dynamic technical documentation publication and eCommerce.  SDL has over 1,500 enterprise customers, 400 partners and a global infrastructure of 70 offices in 38 countries. For more information, visit the corporate SDL site, the SM2 site, or read the original press release.

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