SDL Language Cloud Breaks Down Barriers to Effective Global Communication

sdl-logoSDL  introduced SDL Language Cloud™, a cloud translation platform that empowers organizations to easily communicate across languages and engage global customers. As an essential component of SDL Customer Experience Cloud, the platform will simplify translation and global communication for businesses of all sizes by providing direct access to language capabilities from within their customer experience ecosystem. The solution allows organizations to directly engage with consumers across the globe at every stage of the customer journey, allowing them to capitalize on global market opportunities and drive international revenues. 

The SDL Language Cloud is the first cloud-based language platform to offer the full spectrum of translation options – human, machine and specialist machine translation – providing a solution for translating all content, from highly branded campaigns to websites, support content, user reviews and instant chat. With this platform, marketers benefit from the ability to engage customers around the globe, across every touch point, in the right language, providing a culturally relevant and seamless experience for the buyer. Brands can now create content and experiences and weave them together into the local language at the point of creation, delivering communication where the customer wants to see it, in the language that they want to see it in. 

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