SDL Launches Social Customer Analytics Framework for CXM

SDLSDL, the global software and technology solutions provider, launched a new social data-enabled, customer analytics framework that predicts customer behaviors including likelihood to buy a product, support a brand, or share content. The new SDL solution,  Customer Commitment Framework (CCF), monitors social media conversations as they are happening, and applies patented algorithms to the findings to create a model of customers’ responses to interactions with the company.

The software, designed to connect customer experience management (CXM) activities with performance metrics, calculates three separate scores to provide key insights into the individual customer. The Product Commitment Score informs and measures the company’s value proposition. The Customer Relevance Score drives content and measures engagement strategy. The Brand Commitment Score drives brand strategy and measures effectiveness.

All findings appear on the Customer Commitment Dashboard (CCD) for review. The results can be applied when deciding where to invest resources, evaluating standing in the market compared to investors, and predicting future purchases returning customers will make.

The Customer Commitment Framework integrates with SDL SM2, the company’s monitoring, capture, and data analytics tool used as a listening platform, CCF also integrates through the rest of the SDL stack including content management and other analytics tools.  The data covers 13 countries and 7 global languages providing deep customer analytics across a company’s markets.

SDL notes that by tracking purchases, marketing responses, and social media conversations, companies can see who their individual customers are and can therefore understand how to meet their needs.

David Clark, Vice President of Marketing for SDL’s Intelligence Unit says, “no one is doing what we’re doing. It’s the most innovative and operationalized use of social data.”

Clark explained that the analytics provided by CCF provide key variables beyond what content a customer shares, to measuring that customer’s influence, allowing deeper insight into brand loyalty. Visit the product pages of the SDL website, or read the original release.

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