SDL Helps Enterprises Translate Big Data into Big Language

New machine translation capabilities further enhance global customer experience management

SDL-globalSDL  announced a series of new machine translation (MT) capabilities in its Language Platform that will help businesses translate the avalanche of new content that has infiltrated the enterprise. With a more scalable and cost-effective way to translate growing amounts of customer-facing content – whether on e-commerce sites, social media or help forums – businesses will be able to deliver informative, relevant and consistent customer experiences, helping increase sales and drive brand loyalty.

Big Data has created unprecedented challenges across the enterprise. And the volume, variety and velocity of information, multiplied by the number of languages required for a global business, have transformed Big Data challenges into Big Language challenges. Machine translation (MT) is the only technology that is scalable and cost-effective enough to handle this Big Language challenge, which is why SDL chose to integrate the capability across its existing Language Platform. The enhanced platform offers MT integration with translation workflow, as well as a new self-training capability for translation teams to improve MT quality and dramatically improve translator productivity.

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