SDL Supports Translators without Borders

SDL and the SDL Foundation Continuing Sponsorship of Translators Without Borders

SDL is partnering with the SDL Foundation to continue sponsorship of Translators without Borders. All three are committed to fostering communication globally.

Translators without Borders has been increasing its efforts to translate internationally, especially since the Haiti earthquake in 2010. They translate more than two million words for non-governmental organizations (NGOs) each year. NGOs aim to make the world a peaceful, just, equitable, and sustainable place.

Financial support provided by sponsors makes translations possible to those who need it. Translators without borders break down language barriers by providing key translations in healthcare, education, and nutrition.  “In the course of our work, we’ve become aware of a huge global need, which is for people in poor countries to be able to access global knowledge in their own language,” explains Lori Thicke, co-founder of Translators without Borders.

“According to UNICEF, more people die from lack of knowledge than from diseases. People in poor countries are simply unable to access global knowledge in a language they understand. Mobile technology may be bringing this knowledge closer to the bottom three billion, but we still need to bridge the ‘language last mile.’ Translators without Borders is delivering this much needed help by developing a scalable training program so that more people will be able to access the knowledge they need in a language they understand.”

Regarding the SDL Foundation’s decision to continue sponsorship, Mark Lancaster said, “We started working with Translators without Borders during the rescue and rebuilding work after the devastation in Haiti. In crisis situations like that, it is critical that aid groups are able to communicate in the local language. SDL believes everyone should be able to engage with the information they require in the way they want which is why we are proud to continue our support for an organization that facilitates access to information for those that need it most.”

For more information, view the SDL website, the SDL Foundation website, and the Translators without Borders website. Also view the SDL press release.

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